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Jacketing Cloth Recommendations, Summer 2021

Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath has been browsing the very latest cloth bunches so he can recommend his latest selection for lightweight sports jackets.

Seen here are his suggestions and he’d also be happy to help recommend suitable trousers to wear with these rather striking sport jacket cloths.

All are 8oz in weight and consist of either 100% wool or 90% wool with 10% pure silk or 60% wool with 40% cotton.

Nicholas will be able to advise which cloth will suit you best, depending on which country you’ll be in when you wear your new summer sports coat. As always, it’ll be cut and made by hand at 10 Savile Row in London.

To contact Nicholas with an enquiry about these specific cloths or anything else, please email him directly.

Alternatively, please contact us via telephone or email: +44 (0)207 287 2941 or

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