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Savile Row Bespoke

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October 2016

A bespoke wardrobe is a good investment to be enjoyed for many years. A few simple tips on how to care for your bespoke clothing. If in doubt, just ask your Cutter for advice.

Dry cleaning should only be done once a season, if at all. Thankfully wool, the mainstay of the bespoke tailoring trade here on Savile Row, has natural anti-bacterial properties and a resilient spring that allows it to recover and return to its original, tailored shape.

Between wears, let your wool clothing rest for at least 24 hours. Because of this, we recommend our customers order two pairs of bespoke suit trousers with each bespoke suit.

Brush the pockets, collar and lapels often to remove any dirt and certainly prior to packing in a suit carrier.

Always hang your bespoke tailoring on properly shaped hangers to support the shoulders, without fastening the front buttons on your jacket. Allow the fronts to cross over each other. Ideally trousers should be hung vertically from the bottom to allow the weight of the trousers to pull the creases out.

Creases? Simply hang the clothing on a good hanger and leave in the bathroom when you shower or bathe.




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