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Savile Row Bespoke

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May 2015

If you have an important interview coming up then you’ll be keen to make the right impression. Of course you will want to ensure that you are fully prepared and manage to keep a handle on the nerves, but you also need to ensure that you look the part. Increasingly, more and more people are having their business attire professionally made to suit their individual measurements, so not only do they look great wearing a custom made / bespoke suit, but they feel great too. This confidence may be your secret weapon when it comes to securing the job. Read on to find out more.

What are the benefits of a custom made / bespoke suit?
Wearing a suit that has been cut and made just for you is a great way of telling the world that you take yourself seriously. Anyone with a trained eye for quality will be able to spot your bespoke suit a mile off; the choice of cloth, the individual details, the way it fits with your body’s individual contours, everything designed to give the most flattering silhouette.

Why bespoke shirt making?
When you order your very own customised shirt, you can be sure that it will fit absolutely perfectly. Hand-cut and made from the finest materials, your shirt will feel soft and smooth on your skin allowing it to breathe so that you stay cool, calm and collected all day long. Your shirt is just as important as your suit, so once you have your special shirt made to order, invest in some stylish cuff-links to complete the look.

How do I get my very own shirt?
It’s really easy to arrange to have your very own bespoke suit and shirt made – simply contact a tailor with a good reputation that you trust and they will arrange for a consultation. This is when you choose the cloth, style and design of your suit and shirt, everything from vents, buttons and cuffs can be exactly of your own choosing to suit your personal taste. Once that has happened they will set about making your suit and you will have two further fittings to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

If you are interested in bespoke shirt making then speak to Dege & Skinner. Based on the world-renowned Savile Row, this year Dege & Skinner celebrates 150 years as a gentlemen’s tailor. With such an illustrious history of making suits for professionals and the military, there is little they don’t know about suit making. Visit their website or give them a call to arrange for your consultation.

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