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Savile Row Bespoke

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July 2015

For some, the term ‘bespoke tailoring’ evokes thoughts of well-tailored, warm clothes made from heavier weight cloths, designed specifically to keep out the chilly autumn breeze and winter winds, but that’s not the full story.

A gentleman needs a bespoke wardrobe for all seasons.

Being a bespoke tailor and celebrating our 150th anniversary this year, we can quite literally make anything for anyone, using any type and weight of cloth to suit individual sartorial taste. Of course, climate and humidity are also important factors to consider when choosing to have a bespoke garment made.

At Dege and Skinner on Savile Row, we excel at making bespoke clothes for all manner of tastes and climates for our customers, wherever in the world they might live and work.

Being Savile Row’s only permanent bespoke shirt-maker we use the very best shirt cloths available from Switzerland and Italy to make our shirts, with a choice of twelve collar styles and either double (French) cuffs or two-button cuffs. Our range of ready-to-wear shirts can be viewed here.

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