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British Royal Warrant
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Savile Row Bespoke
14oz tweed, part of our 'Anniversary Collection' to mark 150 years as a bespoke tailor

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January 2015

As a relaxed alternative to wearing a blazer, a tweed jacket worn in a country setting is hard wearing and blends in with the surrounding British countryside. And these days if you choose the right one, it will no longer itch. For this reason we included a tweed in our new ‘Anniversary Collection‘ (as seen here). 

And no wardrobe is complete without formal evening wear. We recommend a pleated voile dress shirt with sterling silver & onyx cuff links and matching dress studs. As an investment piece that never goes out of fashion, making the right choice on style and cloth is imperative so before making your decision, ask as many questions as you like of your Cutter.

An high quality single or double breasted wool or cashmere overcoat literally tops off the outfit and rather helpfully, so long as the moths don’t find it, should last forever. For maximum flexibility and use, choose a dark herringbone or plain, in black or navy.

Just to mention that we also like cashmere lined leather gloves for those ‘top down’ driving moments, and a must for the style conscious gentleman of today? An elegant watch and there are some fine British makers out there, Bremont being a favourite of ours.

14oz tweed, part of our 'Anniversary Collection' to mark 150 years as a bespoke tailor
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