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Savile Row Bespoke

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May 2015

Bentley Motors recently commissioned us to design and make a car coat for them that was shown at the Ambassador’s Residence in Washington DC, courtesy of Sir Peter John Westmacott.

The Dege & Skinner Bentley Car Coat will be on display at number 10 Savile Row during June and can be seen in this film made by Bentley Motors: Intelligent Details: The Bespoke Driving Jacket

From its co-designers, Bespoke Cutter Tristan Thorne and Coat Maker Sarah Massey…

Tristan: “We started with our favourite historic Bentley model from Le Mans in the 1930’s and followed the Bentley detailing through everything we made for this contemporary car coat made in a rare, spun pure cashmere from Harrisons of Edinburgh.

Its air-grill design reflected in the cashmere cloth; buttons engraved with the Bentley wheel spinners; number ‘2’ embroidered on the oversized breast pockets inspired by the exaggerated headlights of the Bentley most successful Le Mans model. Even the internal label has been considered and reads ‘HM 2868’, the original chassis number of the ‘old number 2’ that inspired our design.”

Sarah: “As we do for our bespoke tailoring, Bentley use high quality leather to create sumptuous interiors for their cars, so it was inspiring to see their techniques and bring them back to Savile Row. Talking to the expert craftsmen and women who work at Bentley, turns out there are many things we can each learn from each other, in spite of us making completely different products.”


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