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British Royal Warrant
Savile Row Bespoke

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January 2020

Recently when asked about the Dege & Skinner ‘House Style’ Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath commented: “Established over 150 years ago, our company’s undisputed heritage in the creation of military uniforms continues to inform the basis of all our bespoke tailoring and probably always will, but like any artisan if we’re to continue to be successful for the next 150 years we have to evolve with the tastes of our treasured customers, wherever they are in the world.

Our bespoke customers in the main tend to shy away from unstructured loose fitting styles, preferring a more structured style that looks smart even after a full day of activity.

That said, as a bespoke tailor with our own workshop here on Savile Row in London, everything from the cut of the pattern, the choice of cloth, the unique details of each bespoke creation is personal to each customer, meaning we can in fact make anything that’s desired and we do like a challenge!

Personally, I enjoy making unusual formal-wear, be it an opera cape with intricate frogging, a white-tie tailcoat or an exquisite military uniform worn for a Royal occasion that’s broadcast to millions of TV viewers.

We have the skills to create some of the finest tailoring detailing in the world so relish the opportunity to showcase everything that’s possible.”

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