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British Royal Warrant
Savile Row Bespoke
Life Guards Officer’s Frockcoat

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October 2019


Drawing exclusively from the Westminster Menswear Archive this exhibition explores the invisibility of menswear due to its intrinsic design language that concentrates on the reiterations of archetypal garments intended for specific functional, technical or military use. It will illustrate how designers have disrupted this through minimal, yet significant modifications to produce outcomes that both replicate and subvert their source material.

William Skinner, Managing Director: “Military styling has always infiltrated menswear. The hand-skills necessary for the military-precision stitching, embroidery, braiding, frogging and such that goes into the creation of a military uniform remain highly sought after in the fashion world, as they have been throughout history.

When HRH Prince Harry married Meghan Markle last year, he and his four page boys wore frockcoats similar to the one we made that can now be seen in this exhibition, Invisible Men. It took one person one week to make each pair of sleeves, hours of expert handcraft more commonly equated with the haute couture design process than menswear.”

Through this approach, the language of menswear has developed an almost fetishistic appreciation of the working man in all his heroic iterations, referencing the clothing of seafarers, soldiers, athletes, firefighters, road workers, explorers, and scientists.

Free entry, 25 Oct – 24 Nov, Wed – Sun 11am – 7pm, University of Westminster, NW1 5LS

Life Guards Officer’s Frockcoat
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