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British Royal Warrant
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Savile Row Bespoke

Latest News

May 2015

At the invitation of Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott, the British Embassy in Washington DC today welcomes an exhibition celebrating the art and heritage of British bespoke tailoring.

Curated by Nick Foulkes, on show as part of ‘Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship’ are the clothes we’ve made for former US President Bush Snr, the Mess Kit of the Blues & Royals, as worn by HRH Prince William and examples of the Phitwell Shooting Coat (seen here) featuring a laced, sprung-back design that was first seen in 1930 and is a unique design registered to us at Dege & Skinner.

By special commission, we also designed a car coat for Bentley Motor Cars, inspired by our favourite historic Bentley model from Le Mans in the 1930’s and followed the Bentley detailing through everything we made for this contemporary car coat.

Its air-grill design reflected in the woollen spun, pure cashmere cloth woven exclusively for Harrisons of Edinburgh; buttons engraved with the Bentley wheel spinners; number ‘2’ embroidered on the oversized breast pockets inspired by the exaggerated headlights of the Bentley most successful Le Mans model. Even the internal label has been considered and reads ‘HM 2868’, the original chassis number of the ‘old number 2’ that inspired our design.


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