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October 2019

During this year’s ‘Wool Week’, designed to highlight the beneficial properties of wool across a vast range of industries, we reiterate our commitment to The Dumfries House Wool Declaration, witnessed by HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of The Campaign for Wool, in 2016.

The “Custodians of The Wool Industry” declaration was created to ensure that key players from shepherds to shop owners commit to protect the environment and uphold the best possible practices for sheep welfare, commerce and industry. The signing was the culmination of the UK’s inaugural Wool Conference held at Dumfries House in Scotland, the largest and most prestigious international gathering of wool experts ever to be held in the UK. 

Attended by around 250 wool trade delegates, HRH Prince Charles spoke of being “encouraged” by what had been achieved since the campaign launched eight years ago.

HRH Prince Charles said:“It is never easy to be entirely clear about cause and effect, but during the life of the campaign there has been some encouraging progress in the overall situation In general terms, wool prices are higher; sheep numbers are stable in most markets; designers are using more wool and there is a greater appreciation of wool’s many excellent qualities.”

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