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Tales Of The Unexpected (During Lockdown)

Widespread uncertainty over travel and the disruption to many planned social occasions like weddings were causing angst and agitation for some. But for us it meant the bespoke outfits we were being asked to make were becoming more extravagant, more flamboyant than you might expect.

Lockdown Inspiration

A sudden rush of orders was being placed for military inspired bespoke pieces.

Like a hussar-style tunic with intricate frogging and gold wire embroidery for one particular bridegroom and his rescheduled wedding ceremony.

The team of specialist military makers at 10 Savile Row is capable of creating all manner of intricate detailing, like the sleeve frogging shown here.

There was also a noticeable increase in demand for special commissions for the wardrobes of avid clothes collectors. They quickly told us how they’d been able to spend more time enjoying art, admiring paintings and looking at historical reference books. They told us of taking inspiration from historical clothing. The array of diverse styles leading to bold and unusual bespoke orders being placed.

So it seems that at the very start of this pandemic, desire dimmed slightly for tailored bespoke clothing. But thankfully, that desire is now burning brightly once again.

As our Chairman Michael Skinner reassuringly said to us over a year ago, “We’ll emerge stronger than before. And those who’ve survived will lead the way through the love of ones’ fellow mankind, trust in one another and the love of an incredibly special trade, where we’re all equal and live to make beautiful clothes for our customers.

All disasters invariably bring opportunities, as well as the inevitable media gloom, doom and negativity. Yet Dege & Skinner has, during its 156-year history, always looked to the future with positivity for the many opportunities that lie ahead. We hope to see you soon!”

Key things to remember

  • Before your appointment, think about the base colour of what you’d like to have made. This will help enormously when looking through potentially limitless cloth bunches
  • Think about the occasion and where (country) you’ll be wearing your new bespoke tailoring? This will help us guide you through fabric design and style options
  • If you’re having bespoke shirts made and have a favourite wristwatch, please wear or bring the watch to your appointment so when cutting the shirt pattern, we can make the necessary allowance

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