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British Royal Warrant
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  • Weekdays 9.15 - 17.15
  • Saturday 9.30 - 12.30
Savile Row Bespoke

Book now for forthcoming US Trunk Show:

Palm Beach, FL: Chesterfield: Mon Feb 27th: 9am till 1pm

Atlanta, GA: Intercontinental Buckhead: Tues Feb 28th: 9am till 1pm

Los Angeles, CA: The California Club: Wed March 1st: 10am till 6pm and Thurs March 2nd: 9am till 1pm

San Francisco, CA: The Mark Hopkins: Fri March 3rd: 9am till 6pm and Sat March 4th: 9am till 12noon

Houston, TX: The St Regis: Mon March 6th: 9am till 1pm

Chicago, IL: Intercontinental: Tues March 7th: 9am till 6pm and Wed March 8th: 9am till 1pm

New York, NY: The Kimberly: Thurs March 9th: 9am till 6pm; Friday March 10th: 9am till 6pm and Sat March 11th: 9am till 12noon

Charlotte, NC: Westin Hotel: Wed March 22nd: 9am till 1pm

Washington, DC: The Willard Intercontinental: Thurs March 23rd: 9am till 6pm and Fri March 24th: 9am till 1pm

Middleburg, VA: The Red Fox Inn: Sat March 25th: 9am till 6pm; Sun March 26th: 9am till 6pm and Mon March 27th: 9am till 12noon

Baltimore, MD: The Four Seasons: Mon March 27th: 3pm till 6pm and Tues March 28th: 9am till 12noon

Wilmington, DE: Hotel Dupont: Tues March 28th: 3pm till 6pm and Wed March 29th: 9am till 12noon

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