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British Royal Warrant
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Savile Row Bespoke

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January 2017

Our team of bespoke cutters and shirt-makers had been travelling to USA since 1964, and it was wonderful to receive word that, when seeking the world’s best Military Tailor to design and make uniforms for the doormen, concierges and elevator attendants of Trump Tower, President-Elect Donald Trump should send for Dege & Skinner.

By pure chance, Michael Skinner was in New York for a Trunk Show and less than an hour later, Michael met Trump and his then wife, Ivana in their office and arranged for a Guards Tunic and Frockcoat to be shipped out from Savile Row to NYC, as samples.  Their brilliance and quality sealed the deal and the bespoke Trump uniforms went into production.

Seen here, the doormen wore immaculate scarlet knee-length double breasted frock coats; with gold cord frogging, gold bullion board epaulettes, gold aiguillettes, Trump Tower buttons, gold embroidered collar badges, bearskins and white gloves.

Rumour has it that that the magnificence of the doormen’s uniforms outshone the superb building!


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