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Established in 1865 and still impressing with our bespoke tailoring and shirt-making, Dege & Skinner is one of Savile Row’s finest bespoke tailors and shirt-makers.

Fine Bespoke Tailoring

Recognised as one of the finest bespoke tailors of London's historic Savile Row, Dege & Skinner can make any garment, in any style, for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Well known for our business suits, overcoats and professional attire, we're often asked to make more relaxed leisure clothing, as well as equestrian clothing like riding and hunting coats, and all manner of more unusual pieces, like opera capes and smoking jackets.

We design, cut and make all our bespoke clothing at Number 10 Savile Row to our own exacting standards and those expected of one of the oldest, continually operated bespoke tailoring companies in the world.

Customers have the assurance that our expert cutters and tailors spend a minimum of between 60 - 80 man-hours to produce a 3-piece bespoke suit, 55 hours for a 2-piece suit and approximately 40 hours for a bespoke coat.

Limitless Choice

Our expert team of bespoke cutters will guide you through the bespoke process and we pride ourselves on comfortable individually styled clothes of subtle elegance. Our customers have the confidence of knowing that he, or she will always be perfectly dressed.

Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath said of the 'House Style': “Our company’s undisputed heritage in the creation of military uniforms continues to inform the basis of all our bespoke tailoring and probably always will. But, like any artisan if we’re to continue to be successful for the next 150 years we have to be fast adapting and innovative, evolving with the tastes of our treasured customers, wherever they are in the world.

We have the skills to create some of the finest tailoring detailing in the world so relish the opportunity to showcase everything that’s possible with Dege & Skinner bespoke tailoring and shirt-making.”

Traditionally known as home to the finest bespoke tailoring for men, Savile Row and its tailors have evolved. The clothes being cut and made today by the Row's wealth of talented men and women are designed to suit everyone.

Made at
Number 10
Savile Row

As a bespoke tailor with our own workshop here on Savile Row, everything from the cut of the pattern, the choice of cloth, the unique details of each bespoke creation is personal to each customer, meaning we can in fact make anything that’s desired and we do like a challenge!

Within our team of cutters, coat makers, trouser makers and finishers we have unique, specialist expertise that is now rare to find.

Tailoring details like frogging, lacework, metal thread embroidery and many other highly skilled techniques are utilised in our cutting room and workrooms in Savile Row, where all our bespoke clothes are cut and tailored.

Training and apprenticeships have always been integral to the success of Savile Row. It's absolutely vital that the skills practised here are passed from one generation to the next. So we currently have a number of talented apprentices working under the guidance of our cutters and specialist makers.

Dressed for every occasion

Dressed For Every Occasion, a short film featuring British actor Tom Ward, showcasing style by day and by night.

What does the modern stylish gentleman need in his wardrobe for a morning of meetings in town, followed by a clay pigeon shoot in the English countryside, followed by a smart formal dinner in the evening?

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