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A sincere thank you to the following people and businesses who have helped and contributed to this website.

Andy Barnham for the ‘model’ photography:

Amanda Jane Smith Photography and Capt D J Gregory for permission to use the image of ‘Sovereign’s Shadow’ at RMAS:

Trevor at ´Pickett London´ for the loan of the luxurious leather goods for our photoshoot:

Anthony Bunn at Edward Green Shoes for the loan of some gorgeous footwear:

The ‘Grey Fox’ for permission to use his image following our collaboration in 2017:

Mitchell Vito L.L.C. for some of the team portrait photography:

Savile Row Bespoke Association for use of the official Trademark on this website:

The Planet Mark for Dege & Skinner´s sustainability certification. Backed by the ‘Eden Project’, The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for business.

Also of Interest