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Sustainability Policy

Dege & Skinner

Dege & Skinner, a family-owned bespoke tailor and shirt-maker located at 10 Savile Row, is committed to providing a world class bespoke tailoring service that is sustainable and which aims to minimise the environmental impacts of its operation.

We cut and make all our bespoke tailored clothing, including bespoke shirts, on site at 10 Savile Row and also in our workshop, located underneath the shop.

We predominantly use natural fibres rather than synthetics in our bespoke tailoring, with wool, cotton, linen, silk and cashmere being the most commonly used natural fibres.

Modern Slavery

As a company, Dege & Skinner is committed to employing staff on a decent living wage.

Tier One Supply Chain

As a company, we actively request documentation and environmental policies and statements from our Tier One suppliers. Tier One suppliers include cloth merchants, cloth mills, fabric suppliers and finishing suppliers, covering items such as collar stays, buttons and fastenings.


For the previous five years we have been working with and have been certified by ‘Planet Mark’.

Planet Mark is a sustainability certification and net zero provider for organisations and the built environment. The company supports organisations to radically reduce carbon emissions, create operational efficiencies, enhance profits and work towards global transition to net zero.

We have successfully achieved Planet Mark Accreditation and Certification in each of these five years of evaluation.

Measurement of emission sources include electricity, transmission & distribution losses, water, business travel, waste and paper. Homeworking is not included in the total footprint at this time.

Travel / Carbon Off-Setting

We endeavour to keep travel to a minimum, but as a necessity we have to travel around the UK and also overseas to see customers unable to visit us in Savile Row, London.

Our emissions and carbon footprint are monitored and assessed annually by Planet Mark, as part of their active accreditation and certification.

Campaign for Wool

As a company, we have been active supporters of the Campaign for Wool since it was launched in 2010.

The Campaign for Wool was launched to educate consumers about the benefits of wool and help to support and grow the wool industry. Run by a coalition of industry groups convened by His Majesty King Charles III, when he was Prince of Wales, the Campaign works to engage consumers through exciting fashion, interiors, artisan and design lead activities centering around Wool Week each year.

Textile Waste

Our textile waste, i.e. off-cuts of cloth and fabrics, has seen a significant decrease since we started working with a new company, EcoLuxe.

EcoLuxe takes our waste materials away and using the UK’s only ‘shredding’ machine, recycles said waste to create a new recycled cloth.

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