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Bespoke Uniforms

Dege & Skinner is world famous for its military uniforms. Throughout history and to this day we continue to put our in-depth knowledge, honed over more than 150 years, to good use to create beautifully crafted military attire.

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Our cutters visit the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (RMAS) regularly during term-time to measure and fit uniforms and Mess Dress.

An example of our fine military tailoring was on display when Capt. D J Gregory ascended the famous steps of Old College, RMAS riding 'Sovereign’s Shadow' in 2020.

As well as RMAS, William Skinner travels to Scotland to measure and fit uniforms for 'The Royal Company of Archers'. The Royal Company of Archers functions as the Sovereign's 'Body Guard in Scotland'.

At number 10 Savile Row we have the necessary specialist technical skills to create visually striking, often recognisably historic ceremonial uniforms. Some of these uniforms are of great significance here in the UK and also around the world.

on Savile Row

Like all our civilian bespoke tailoring and bespoke shirts, the uniforms that we make are all cut at number 10 Savile Row.

The specialist uniform and military uniform work we undertake is often highly intricate and requires technical skills that take many years to learn and master.

As an example, it took our 'QEST Scholar' Sarah Wilkinson an entire week to make the intricate sleeves of HRH Prince Harry's uniform for his wedding.

She learnt the skills necessary for such technical work during her five year apprenticeship. An apprenticeship that included a period of studying gold wire embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.

So between HRH and the four page boy uniforms we also made, we used 150 metres of Black Russia lace. And amazingly, it took approximately 65,000 hand-stitches for the ribbed lacework alone.

We appreciate how busy our military customers are so we also provide accessories and miscellaneous military sundries. These include Mess Wellingtons, spurs, gloves, buttons, rank badges and medal mounting.

Bespoke Uniform Service

Officer Cadets attending the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (RMAS) are invited to make an appointment to see Cutter Tristan Thorne. Tristan visits the Academy regularly during term-time and is always available to give advice to busy cadets.

‘Royal Archers’ are invited to make an appointment to see Managing Director William Skinner when he travels to Edinburgh.

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Appointments for our military and uniform tailoring services can be made online here, over the telephone or via email.