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Our Team

Dege & Skinner is one of Savile Row's finest bespoke tailoring houses and the first one to have a shirt-cutting service based in the shop, where all our bespoke shirts are cut and made.

Michael Skinner


When Michael was elected Master of the Merchant Taylors’ Company in 2004, he became the first practising Master Tailor to achieve this position in 350 years.

William Skinner

Managing Director

William is the fifth generation of the Skinner family to become a Master Tailor. He is a past Appeal Chairman of the Master Tailors’ Benevolent Association and, more recently, was the elected Chairman of the Savile Row Bespoke Association.

Nicholas De'Ath

Head Bespoke Cutter

Celebrating his 25th year in bespoke tailoring and with extensive experience of both tailoring and cutting, Nicholas was appointed Head Cutter in 2016. Nicholas leads the team of cutters and specialist tailors on a day to day basis, alongside travelling extensively throughout the world to visit clients.

Tristan Thorne

Senior Cutter

Tristan is an alumnus of London College of Fashion where he graduated with honours in Menswear Fashion Design before starting his career here. He now has over a decade of experience cutting everything from civilian clothing, military uniforms, shooting and riding wear. Tristan also oversees Trunk Shows across Europe.

Tom Bradbury

Head Bespoke Shirt-Cutter

Tom honed his skills under the legendary shirt-maker Robert Whittaker and in 2019, became Savile Row's youngest head shirt-cutter. He regularly hosts overseas Trunk Shows, in conjunction with our tailoring cutters.

Alex Hills

Under Cutter

Alex joined the company in 2013, originally training as a coatmaker. Eager learn more of the craft, he chose to join the Cutting team, where he now learns under Head Bespoke Cutter, Nicholas De’ath.

Anthony Rowland

General Manager

Joining as General Manager earlier this year, Anthony has a wealth of experience in high level customer service and bespoke tailoring, gained over more than 30 years in the trade. As well as managing the shop at 10 Savile Row, he'll be travelling to see customers in the UK and overseas.