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Trunk Shows

Demand for our bespoke tailoring and bespoke shirt-making services is such that we also host various trunk shows. The regularly visited locations include Scotland, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

If you'd like us to visit you in a different location, please get in touch.

We’re planning to be in America in September and October and are now taking appointments for the following dates and cities:

  • Boston: Sunday 19th and Monday 20th September
  • NYC: Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd September
  • Philadelphia: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd September
  • Wilmington: Thursday 23rd September and Friday 24th September
  • Baltimore: Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September
  • Middleburg: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September
  • Washington DC: Monday 27th September
  • Palm Beach: Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th September
  • Atlanta: Thursday 30th September
  • Memphis: Friday 1st October
  • Houston: Saturday 2nd October
  • Chicago: Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th October
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October
  • San Francisco: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th October

Appointments can be made online below, via email or telephone: +44 (0)207 287 2941


an appointment

Firstly, book your appointment to see one of our bespoke cutters and/or our bespoke shirt cutter at one of the scheduled locations. Our team will then meet you at that hotel or private club, as arranged.


Measuring and
fabric selection

Our bespoke cutter will take your measurements, about 35 measures in total, and make figuration notes.

The cutter will guide you through our fabric bunches and explain the bespoke tailoring process. With an almost limitless choice of cloths, this experienced guidance can prove invaluable. Photos are also taken an an aide-memoire for the cutter.


On Savile Row

On return to our Savile Row cutting room, a unique paper pattern will be constructed using all of the information gathered.

Once the paper pattern is complete, the various elements are laid onto the selected cloth and drawn around using tailoring chalk. These lines are then cut along by hand using large tailoring shears to create the individual panels of a garment.

All the internal canvases, lining and other components are now selected and ‘bundled’ together. This bundle goes down to the workshop where one of our specialist in-house tailors starts to sew it together to create a ‘baste’ fitting.

At this point we arrange to see you again for your baste fitting.


and tailoring

Depending on what’s most convenient, you can either arrange for appointments and fittings to be in Savile Row or during our next Trunk Show near to your preferred location.

As a family-owned business we can be flexible so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any special requirements. If we can accommodate your request, we gladly will.

And please remember, you don’t have to have your fittings in the same location as where you originally placed your order.


Hand finished
and delivered

After making any required adjustments following your fittings, your suit will be hand-finished.

An official Dege & Skinner label will be hand-stitched into the main bespoke piece, with details of your cutter and the piece’s completion date. This proves the bespoke garment’s authenticity.

On occasion, Dege & Skinner bespoke pieces have appeared at auction and this label has helped to verify the item’s provenance, and therefore its value. For example, an authentic Dege & Skinner safari suit made in 1923 for actor Rudolph Valentino fetched $20,000 at Bonham’s film memorabilia auction titled ‘Lights, Camera, Auction’ in 2016.

Book an Appointment

Appointments for bespoke tailoring and bespoke shirt-making services can now be made online
below, over the telephone or via email: +44 (0)207 287 2941 /