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Call To Scrap The UK Tourist Tax

Hundreds of retailers in the UK, including bespoke tailoring houses of Savile Row such as ourselves, are actively campaigning to push the UK government to scrap the so-called ‘tourist tax’.

Support For Business

William Skinner said: 'Without question, the so-called tourist tax is having a noticeable and detrimental impact on our tailoring business and we're amongst a high number of other businesses, across multiple sectors, who also find themselves in a similar position.'

Savvy Shoppers

He went on to say: 'Far from Prime Minister Sunak's assurance that overseas visitors would continue to buy in the UK, just at higher prices, the effect has in fact been the exact opposite. European cities have benefitted and bounced back strongly after the pandemic, whereas the UK is floundering. These shoppers are savvy, they haven't been pushed into paying more for their luxury items, they've just changed where they choose to spend their money now.'

‘The tourist tax has a broad impact across all sorts of areas. It’s not only the foreign money that’s spent on buying goods such as Savile Row clothing, but the money that’s spent in hotels, restaurants, theatres, taxis – the list is endless. This is what I call the hidden benefit to the economy and should be taken into account. Why should the UK lose ground to other centres in Europe that offer tax free shopping? We should be at the forefront of providing a high class experience for anyone visiting the UK.’

As part of the active lobbying campaign by more than 300 UK businesses, Managing Director William Skinner is quoted in various media outlets. To read more…

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