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British Royal Warrant
Savile Row Bespoke

Savile Row Tailors

Originally named Savile Street, Savile Row in the heart of Mayfair is globally recognised and renowned as the home of bespoke tailoring for men. Originally developed in the early 1700s, tailors didn’t begin trading in the area until late in the 18th Century, having initially been residential (with occupants including William Pitt the Younger).

By the early 19th Century, it was an affluent and fashionable address. As such, luxury retailers began to support the residents and increasingly, high quality suit makers began to appear as prominent houses were gradually adapted into shops with large front windows.

Savile Row and the highest quality menswear are now synonymous and over the course of two centuries, everyone who is anyone – heads of state, pop royalty, monarchs, US Presidents, businessmen and in fact, all sorts of people – have had their suits designed and cut on Savile Row.

In 2015, Dege and Skinner celebrated being 150 years old and continues to adhere to the finest traditions of fine bespoke tailoring. Being holders of the Royal Warrant, a founding member of Savile Row Bespoke Association and Savile Row’s only permanent bespoke shirt-maker, as well as bespoke tailor, a suit from us represents the very best in quality, style and heritage.

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