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Pressing Matters

Permanent Style is a global authority on classic and luxury menswear. One of the biggest such sites in the world, it receives up to 600,000 page views every month, and is read by over 1 million unique users every year.

Founded by professional journalist and editor Simon Crompton, Permanent Style has been listed as one of the best men’s sites in the world by GQEsquireThe TimesHow to Spend ItThe New York Times and many others.

In the latest practical video, Permanent Style’s founder Simon Crompton speaks to our Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath about the use of hot irons during the bespoke making process.

To quote Simon and Permanent Style: ‘The first time I saw a tailor use an iron to shape cloth, I was genuinely surprised.

You wouldn’t think material would be able to be manipulated that much, using steam and pressure to turn a straight piece of canvas into the shape of a collar. But it’s routine for bespoke tailoring, and is used in many other parts a suit….’

Hope you enjoy watching our team at work!:


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