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We take the matter of sustainability very seriously here at 10 Savile Row. So here’s a summary of our work to help minimise potential damage to the environment.

A bespoke garment from Dege & Skinner is one of the most sustainable items of clothing you can choose to buy. We cut the patterns for all clothing and shirts in the cutting room at 10 Savile Row and our team of makers then make the clothes in our basement workshop, the immediate vicinity, or from home (as required in the current circumstances).

Our bespoke tailoring is built to last and is designed so it can be passed down between generations.

The majority of our work is done by hand, so the use of machines in our business is minimal, giving our bespoke clothing production a low carbon footprint.

Natural Sourcing

The cloth and fabrics we source from mills and manufacturers, predominantly from the UK, Italy or Switzerland, are made from natural fibres, often wool, rather than man-made, more environmentally damaging man-made fibres and plastics.

And, wastage is minimal in our bespoke tailoring, with cloth quantities ordered precisely for the individual customer's unique pattern.

Support For HRH Prince Charles' Wool Declaration

We actively support the global wool and animal welfare initiative launched and signed by HRH Prince Charles in 2016, known as the 'Dumfries House Wool Declaration'.

This document commits all the wool and textile industry players to the highest environmental and animal welfare standards.

Alex Hills, who was an apprentice with us at that time and is now training under our Head Cutter, had the pleasure of speaking with HRH Prince Charles at the event, and to reiterate our own commitment to support this worthwhile global initiative.

We would welcome any questions or queries you might have about our sustainability policies.

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