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Wedding Attire

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Your partner has said yes! So what should you wear to your wedding?

Firstly, will the dress code be formal or not? Secondly, when is the wedding and have you allowed adequate time to choose bespoke, rather than made-to-measure or ready-to-wear?


Morning dress for the groom has been the stalwart of formal, traditional weddings for many years.

The bespoke example seen here, which was cut and made at 10 Savile Row, features a dark coloured tailcoat, paired with a lighter coloured waistcoat, smart collared shirt in a complementary colour, silk neck tie and silk pocket square with an embroidered button hole.

For the classic British look, this morning coat would be paired with well tailored trousers in a plain or herringbone, grey or charcoal cloth, with a narrow black stripe and well polished black leather shoes. A silk top hat is optional!

Black Tie

A second option for a formal wedding, which is a popular choice in the USA and outside of the United Kingdom, is a classic tuxedo or dinner suit.

Typically paired with a stiff or marcella fronted white dress shirt, black bow tie, black patent leather shoes, and a cummerbund or vest.

Here at Dege & Skinner we cut and make bespoke dinner suits, as well as selling a ready-to-wear version for those whose budget, or indeed timeframe, is more suited to ready-to-wear rather than a bespoke service.

Our range of formal dress wear, including two dress shirts ideal for black tie weddings, can be viewed online here.

If you happen to have Gaelic or Celtic heritage and ancestry, the option of wearing a kilt or trews is open to you as well.

Family Tartan

You might be wondering what the difference is between a pair of trews and a pair of trousers? Tartan trews have a wider waistband and a fishtail back and are known for sitting much higher on your waist than a regular pair of trousers.

A good example of a pair of wedding trews can be seen here, being worn with a traditional kilt jacket and waistcoat by one of our valued customers for his elegantly styled wedding in England's West Country in 2023.

The cloth used for these trews is the family tartan of the groom.

At a recent wedding attended in Cornwall in the South West of England we also saw a striking Cornish tartan on display, in that instance, in a pale blue and grey tartan.

Of course, not everyone’s dress code for a wedding is traditional and formal, so what are some of the other options?

We’d politely suggest that you avoid choosing a black suit as this can look funereal and doesn’t lend itself to the all important wedding photography.

Modern Contemporary

In essence this dress code means a suit, either two-piece or preferably three-piece as it's a special occasion, and can depend on the season and also, in which country the wedding is taking place.

To start with, we'd suggest you consider the colour scheme of the wedding and the colour palette of the bride's dress and her bridesmaids dresses, the flowers and set dressing of the wedding venue itself. You may also wish to consider whether you'd like to wear the suit regularly once you're married, to gain maximum value from your purchase.


A light navy suit works well for most colour palettes and weddings.

The example seen here is our ready-to-wear version, available online and in-store, providing a well priced option if time, and/or budget do not stretch to having a bespoke piece made.

Our ready-to-wear suits, including this navy herringbone two-piece suit, can be viewed in the 'Suits' section of our online shop.


It's become more and more popular to have a wedding in a country where the climate tends to be more reliable and sunny than the UK.

In this case it would be wise to carefully consider the cloth weight and breathability. No-one wants to be uncomfortable and overheating while taking vows in blazing sunshine.

Speaking to our Front of House Jonathan, he said that wool, silk and linen blends lend themselves to this, as do light colours, like the pink sports jacket seen here, although the neck tie could be seen as being too restrictive for some.


A more casual summer wedding allows a greater degree of choice when it comes to what to wear.

A smart navy blazer with polished blazer buttons, particularly in a double-breasted style, is one option that guarantees a smart, elegant silhouette and will look good in wedding photography.

To make an enquiry about a bespoke wedding outfit, please contact us via email to ‘’, call us on +44(0)207 287 2941 or use the online enquiry form available here.

Our ready-to-wear suits, including the navy herringbone two-piece suit seen on this page, can be viewed here.

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