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Wardrobe Essentials

We recently asked various members of our team for their thoughts on essential items for a man's wardrobe. And with such diversity in age, background, education and training, unsurprisingly there were differing thoughts.

So what do our Chairman, Managing Director and Head Cutter think are the essentials of a wardrobe?

The Chairman, Michael Skinner? “We believe that clothes maketh the man and the most essential accessory for me has to be a well-polished pair of shoes. Plus, clean well-groomed hair and either a clean-shaven face or well-manicured beard to complete the ensemble!”

Managing Director William Skinner? “A dinner jacket for social occasions where the dress code is black-tie. Choose a classic, timeless style and you might not need to buy another tuxedo during your lifetime. And a good watch that can be passed through the generations of a family. My son already has a covetous keen eye for quality timepieces!”

And Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath, when pushed to name just one vital accessory? “A well-made umbrella! It protects you, and your carefully crafted bespoke clothing against the rain. Particularly useful for those of us who experience a lot of rain, even in spring and summer. Pick a versatile colour and shape so you can pair it with multiple outfits and it's easily integrated with the rest of your wardrobe.”

Travel & Adventure

Some other thoughts from the cutting team here at 10 Savile Row? Ever so slightly biased though he may be, Head Shirt-Cutter Tom Bradbury said, “I'd say an overshirt, like this navy blue example, is something that's extremely useful to have in your wardrobe. Recently men have been wearing more casual, relaxed shirts without a tie so the overshirt is now a very popular item to own. Also a crisply ironed white shirt with a collar is a must. It's so versatile it can be worn with a smart suit and tie, or with more casual relaxed weekend attire, like jeans.”

Under Cutter Joe Holsgrove felt his one must-have item was a classic navy blazer. It can be paired with so many other garments and accessories. Dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood and the occasion.

Finally Under Cutter Alex Hills, himself an avid fan of historical clothing, expressed his opinion that a bush jacket, sometimes known as a safari jacket, is a key essential. Originally engineered for comfort and function while on safari, the modern bush jacket is still a stylish piece in any wardrobe. Perfectly suited to travel and adventure.

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