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Influence Of Style Icons

In the UK and across Europe, the recent passing of recognised global style icons such as Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts seems to have driven an interest and resurgence in classic style choices for men. That, and the constant exposure of cinematic style influencers such as James Bond on social media and the internet.

Keeping Tabs On Style

Tab collars, which are a unique shirt collar with a button tab between the two collar leaves, are currently extremely desirable shirt collars to wear, largely thanks to their appearance in the latest James Bond film. Bond wasn’t the original style icon to choose this style, however. Tab collars were popularised after WWI when the then Prince of Wales and future King Edward VIII famously wore one on his visit to the US in 1919.

Function & Form

Fastened behind the tie, this functional design keeps the collar points and tie in place and lifts the tie knot to create an elegant drape at the top of the tie. When worn as part of a formal ensemble, the tab collar is shirting eye-candy at the highest level.

Cocktail Cuffs

Sticking with the collar and cuff style trends we’ve been noticing, the cocktail cuff is back! Distinguished by its combination of a button closure and graceful cutaway foldback, the cocktail cuff retains the panache of a French cuff, while eliminating the need for dressy cufflinks. Both elegant and cool, the cocktail cuff is perfect for summer weddings on the beach, dressier garden parties and, of course, after-work cocktails in the hot, muggy city.

The style is also known as the Portofino cuff or the James Bond cuff. Why the James Bond cuff? Sean Connery’s Bond wears it when we first see him drink his signature dry martini in Dr. No, which was released in cinemas in 1962.

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