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Seasonal Shirt Trends

Just back from the USA, where he hosted trunk shows in 11 locations, our Head Bespoke Shirt-Cutter Tom Bradbury has noticed how a number of people have spent their lockdowns.

It seems, from the discussions he’s been having during customer appointments, by doing in-depth research into clothing styles and styles throughout recent menswear history. Then armed with that knowledge, by proactively seeking out the respected bespoke tailoring houses that continue to make world-class tailored clothing and bespoke shirts.

So What's Popular At The Moment?

Well, a new shirt cloth by Swiss manufacturer Alumo called 'Cashmerello Light'. It's a blend of 85% cotton with 15% cashmere and 95g/m2 so has a less bulky fit than the standard Cashmerello, making it ideal for wearing under a suit.

And while the trend for more casual styles has been widely reported, we're certainly seeing that people who have never before thought to order bespoke formal business shirts are choosing to have slightly less formal shirts cut and made for them.

Less Formal Shirt Styles

We can and do make all manner of shirts. Formal and more casual, such as polo-style shirts with three buttons and a longer placket, in a stretch material that’s easily pulled over the head.

Think Steve McQueen or the style of the ‘Mods’ when worn with a blazer, sports jacket and a pair of smart trousers.

Emerging in the early 60s, the ‘Modernists’ were an aspirational subculture of young men and women who dressed smartly and beautifully as a statement of rebellion against the austerity of their parent’s generation. Eventually morphing into the Swinging Sixties, this generation of youngsters helped define the teenager.

Choosing Bespoke Sustainability

As well as a clear desire for a stylish appearance, sustainability and the wish to avoid poorly made pieces of clothing, sometimes referred to as fast fashion, are also evident amongst our well-informed customers. The need to stand-out and make an impression remains as strong as ever after various enforced periods of time at home, but now with a fresh consciousness about the negative impact of man-made fibres and the global mass consumption of clothing.

Buy less, but buy well and invest in your wardrobe is the overriding principle we’ve been seeing during our recent national and international travels to meet customers.

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