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Menswear in 2024

Being a bespoke tailoring house, we’re not purveyors of fast fashion. That said, our Head Cutters always keep you and your style choices at the forefront of their minds and naturally they’re also influenced by what they see on their global travels for trunk shows.

Be Bold

So what does Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath think will be popular in menswear and bespoke tailoring this year?

The headline is unusual fabrics. Think corduroys of all widths or brightly coloured seersuckers, as the cloth wears so well in warmer climates.

Also unlined suit jackets that still manage to look structured and tailored. Key here is to avoid it looking like the suit or jacket is ‘hanging off’ the wearer.

Be Bold

Double-breasted, casual jackets are in demand for 2024. As well as bold colour choices and bright tweeds. Even tailored shorts of all lengths.

Tweeds seen here are from Dege & Skinner's new bunch, 'Moorland Tweeds'. A selection of traditional worsted country suiting cloth and made in england.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe and see what you're missing!

And shirts trends? Is it the return of the tie? Apparently so, according those in the know, like our Head Shirt Cutter Tom Bradbury.

The popularity of slim-line fitted shirts has waned, moving more towards a fitted, but not necessarily a slim-fit. And, it might surprise you to read that Tom and his team have been making a lot of leisure shirts using denim recently.

Darker Colours

This desire for tailored denim shirts is also impacted by the fact that solid darker colours are more popular than ever when it comes to shirts, both formal and for leisure.

Navy and black shirts worn with dark coloured trousers like a grey flannel, for instance.


Over-shirts, travel-shirts and workman shirts continue to be extremely popular.

These shirt styles are absolutely ideal for travel and as outdoor leisure wear, with their abundance of easily accessible pockets and robust nature.

If you'd like to discuss having a bespoke piece made by us on London's prestigious Savile Row, please contact us via email to or by calling +44(0)207 287 2941.

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