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Reasons To Choose Wool

Every year sheep produce a new fleece; making wool a natural, renewable fibre source. Not a surprise then that people have been making use of this wonder fibre for more than 4,000 years.

So what makes it unique and quite so extraordinary?

  1. Pure wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable so if you love the planet, use more wool!
  2. It’s ideal for bespoke tailoring because it can be warm to wear and also cool too because the natural fibres adapt to the individual wearer; that’s why sheep are so snug and content in their fleeces.
  3. Wool is flame retardant and often self-extinguishing. Just ask a fire fighter. It produces less smoke and toxic fumes, making it a safer choice for the home.
  4. Wool is strong and long lasting when used for clothing, carpets and rugs so it can withstand a lot of heavy wear. Quality always lasts longer!
  5. Wool is hypoallergenic with anti-bacterial properties, meaning it has to be washed and cleaned less than manmade fibres, which retain odours.
  6. Wool is soft on the skin and cleverly adapts to the wearers own temperature.

So wear it, insulate with it, soundproof with it, walk on it, and wrap things up in it. The world’s oldest renewable fibre is also the most versatile.

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