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British Royal Warrant
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  • Weekdays 9.15 - 17.15
  • Saturday 9.30 - 12.30
  • Except bank
    holiday weekends
Savile Row Bespoke
Head Shirt Cutter Tom Bradbury
Head Shirt Cutter Tom Bradbury

Our Shirt Making

Limitless choice of collar styles and the finest Swiss, Italian and British 2-fold 100’s to 2-fold 300’s cottons.

We were the first, and remain the only firm to provide its own one-stop bespoke shirt making facility on Savile Row. With 30 years experience and an enviable reputation on both sides of the Atlantic, Head Cutter Robert Whittaker cuts all our bespoke shirts in the showroom.

Online, we also sell a range of ready-to-wear shirts with collar sizes from 15 to 17½. Our ready-to-wear shirts come with a choice of two different collar styles, as well as two different styles of cuffs. Double (French) cuffs and for the first time, two button single cuffs for those who prefer not to wear cufflinks every day.

Head Shirt Cutter Tom Bradbury
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